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Cybersecurity Training, OSINT, Simulated Phishing Tests, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assesments... all from the Caribbean Island nation of Antigua and Barbuda!

01 Areas of Specialization









AntiguaRecon - Cybersecurity Training and Services

Supported by seasoned cybersecurity experts from around the globe, AntiguaRecon trains young Antiguans as pentesters and social engineers.  After much hard work, we launched our cybersecurity services at the start of 2024.  We will initially focus on web attacks, simulated phishing and OSINT work.  Our goal is to build a team of cybersecurity professionals who can provide cybersecurity services to companies from around the region, and in the US and Canada. 

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02 Training

Our Cybersecurity and Project Management Training

Our 2022 training program used curriculum from HackTheBox's Bug Bounty Hunter Certification Program for all of initial our cybersecurity training.  The training, once completed, provided a foundation for our young pentesters to mature, while working under our senior security specialists for customers (after we launch our services arm in 2023).  For our second certification, we pursued's "Professional Scrum Master" training.  The point of training our people in the use of Agile Scrum is so that they will have a well regarded framework for managing projects, and continually learning to improve over time.  For 2023, we switched to's training platform coupled with the CompTIA Pentest+ certification.  Now, in 2024, we're mixing our training via a number of different providers going after a range of pentesting and OSINT certifications.  Contact us if you want to discuss our methods and training objectives. 

03 Timeline

Jan 2022

AntiguaRecon Launch!

Quick Story Below

After months of work tailoring our offering using and, we launched our training program with 15 students between the ages of 15 and 20.

Jan - Jun 2022

Months 1 - 6

9 Modules + Multiple Labs!
There is no better way to test a concept than to just do it.  In this phase, we laid a foundation of knowledge using Kali Linux as our attack environment along with a variety of other tools such as Burp Suite, ZAP, Nmap, Gobuster, WPScan, etc.

Jul - Nov 2022

Months 7-11

Module Wrap up, Multiple Labs + 2 Customer Attacks

During this phase we wrapped up the module work in prep for the exams.  We also started work on our Agile certification along with simulated phishing training.  As a way to test our audit writing and attack skills, we worked with two "customers" testing our skills.

Dec 2022 - Jan 2023

Months 12-13

Time to Study and Take the Exams

During this final cycle, we focused on preping for the Professional Scrum Master and HTB certification exams.  Some students to start specializations in pentesting or social engineering (simulated phishing attacks).

Q1 2023

Months 13-15

Second Training Cycle to Begin
Our second class started this past February.  Two goals: 1. Graduate another group of students teamed with 8 of the top students from 2022; and 2. Build our service offering and customer base through the rest of the year.  

Q1 2024

Cybersecurity Services Launched + A New Class of Students!

Near and Offshore Services Kick Off

We are in the process of launching our services now in a controlled manner so that our team can improve their professional communication skills while refining their technical capacity.  We have already done 3 paid cybersecurity audits and are seeking 1/month through the end of the year.  A new class of students is applying now.  Contact us below for details.


04 Partners

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Founding Partners

Island Academy

Silver Partner

Sagicor Insurance

Our training program could not have launched without the visionary help and support by Island Academy International and SurgeMetrix.  Sagicor, our latest partner, agrees with the vision and has stepped up to help as well.

Our efforts in Antigua are unique because we aren't just teaching our students a competitive and heavily sought after skillset; we are creating the business infrastructure to sell those skills on Antigua, throughout the region, and around the world.

We love the support that we have received from these organizations.  It has been critical for getting AntiguaRecon off the ground.

If you would like to join us on this journey as one of our partners, please contact us today using the form below.


If you would like to learn about our training program, or are interested in contracting us for your cybersecurity needs, then contact us now.

Thank you for contacting us!

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