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Jr. Pentester - Senior Student/Mentor

My story has 2 sides. The reason I say this is because I play 2 roles while in the AntiguaRecon program…  First, I am a student, and Second, I am a mentor.

From the mentor side of things, I knew a bit about programming, pentesting, and I.T. before I got into the program, so I knew I had something to offer. After all, the reason I got into cyber security in the first place (besides the thrill), was to help bring more awareness to how serious the threat of a breach could be, and also to show how far from ready we are from a cyber war if we were to be targeted in that way. I remember a few years ago in 2015 that our local government's main website got hacked, and I took that as a sign, and also used that as motivation, to keep learning how to do those same things and how to protect against them.

But from the student side, I realized I still had a lot to learn!  Lmao.  I learned quite a few advanced techniques when it came to web application hacking, and so much more about the importance of teamwork and note taking (Adam can be a pain about good notes).  I even developed my own methodology for hacking targeted web applications, thereby making the testing more effective.

I’m really glad I got the opportunity to take part in this awesome program. Before this, I was doing self studies and it kinda seemed like I was the only one in Antigua interested in this field. If I had to continue doing it by myself, I don’t think the experience would have been the same or that I would have continued with the work.

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