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Jr. Pentester - Senior Student

My AntiguaRecon story is pretty straightforward. I was 17 years old in my first year of Antigua State College, and a recent graduate of Antigua Grammar School when I was informed about the program starting, I was then admitted to the program in my second year. My Information Technology lecturer at the time informed me about the program. Upon hearing of the opportunity and that they were taking applications, I applied without hesitation. A couple days later, I received a call from the founder (Mr. Adam Dennis) for an interview. The interview was extremely informative for me, and it was an excellent interview in general. The interview was so exceptional that I knew in the back of my mind that I was in without a doubt. Approximately two weeks after the interview, I was contacted and informed that I had been officially accepted.  I guess I was right. :-)

The first class was held in early January, 2022, and it went well. I got to meet the new students, as well as the founder and mentors.  Despite the fact that I was naturally quiet, my relationships with everyone improved considerably after that. I am not a shy person. However, I dislike talking to the point where Mr. Dennis would say, "Dionté never talks." Through the year, we worked together and I developed good friendships along the way and settled on the  Bug Bounty Hunter Certification since it was more appropriate to where we were in our learning as a team.  Some students leaving and new students joining encouraged this focus by our Scrum Master, Mr. Dennis.  Towards the end of the year, many of us were able to go after our certifications. 

This program has definitely been an eye opener for me, providing me with some well-needed experience, and allowing me to come out of my shell especially since I am an introvert. This program allowed me to realize that I am different when I am around people with similar interests to mine. I enjoyed the experience so much that I enrolled in the next set of classes that began in February, 2023.  This makes me, along with 7 others from the 2022 class, “Senior” students who serve as paired partners to the new students.  This model is working well in that it gives support to the newer students.

Thank you for reading this and for your future support of this life-changing opportunity.

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