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Jr. Pentester - Junior Student

"Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley." - Theodore Roethk

My journey has taken me to various places, and there were times when I felt directionless and exhausted, unsure of my path in life. Initially set on becoming a pediatrician, I pursued mainly science subjects in school. However, as I reached fifth form, I realized that this path was not meant for me, and my reasons for pursuing it were misplaced.

After successfully completing the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams and preparing to attend Antigua State College,  I was filled with fear and uncertainty about what lay ahead in my future. I explored various fields and potential career paths by enrolling in online classes ranging from business and digital art to literature and law. It was during a digital art class that I discovered my interest in the intersection between technology and art. This realization led me to join a technology-focused club called the Society of Women Coders, where I took introductory classes in web development, digital literacy, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Although these beginner-friendly classes were informative, I yearned for more in-depth knowledge about technology.

As I delved into various classes to enhance my skills, I stumbled upon a flyer that caught my attention: "AntiguaRecon: Cybersecurity Training." Intrigued by the concept, I pondered whether to give it a try. Little did I know how this application would change my trajectory.

At first, I struggled with imposter syndrome, a feeling that still lingers within me. As an introverted person, it was challenging to communicate with other members, and there were times when I felt like I was the only one struggling to keep up. Balancing my studies at Antigua State College, extracurricular activities, and the cybersecurity program seemed overwhelming. Seeing fellow peers with extensive knowledge in cybersecurity sometimes bruised my ego. However, AntiguaRecon taught me that it's okay not to know everything. The emphasis on teamwork and the commitment to growth as a team has been instrumental in my progress. I now embrace the idea of asking questions, and I'm thrilled to be working towards my CompTIA Pentest+ certification with the help and support of Adam Dennis and my peers.

AntiguaRecon is more than just an educational training program; it's a community of brilliant, hardworking, and like-minded individuals ready to make their mark in the technology field in Antigua. As I reflect on my journey, I'm uncertain where my path will lead me next, but I am confident that AntiguaRecon has pointed me in the right direction.

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